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Aluminum Awnings, Patio Covers, And Carports Print E-mail

We sell aluminum awnings, patio covers, lattice, carports, window awnings, and door hoods-canopies.  These do-it-yourself kits are custom made to your specifications by Amerimax Building Products.  We help you determine the specifications best suited for your project and then as a certified distributor we submit your order to Amerimax. 


Solid Cover Styles - awnings, patio covers, carports

Standard Aluminum Awning with Beam

Standard awnings are very ecinomical in both use and price.  These awning are often found in moble home parks and businesses.  Many site built home owners enjoy them as well.The Flat pan awnings features the alumawood product.  This material is aluminum with a tough resitant paint finish on a cedar emossed texture. 


Lattice Styles - patio covers, arbors, pergolas

aluminum lattice pergola arbor aluminum lattice, arbor, pergola 
Alumawood Lattice structures are a very elegant edition to any backyard.  They make especially nice shade structures next to the swimming pool.


Door Hoods & Canopies

aluminum door hood canopy aluminum door hood and canopy 
Aluminum door hoods and canopies keep your entry way protected from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements.


Window Awnings

aluminum window awnings aluminum window awnings 
Aluminum window awnings provide great shade as well as a great look.  Save engergy costs.


Benifits of Aluminum Awnings

  • Our Aluminum window and patio awnings will protect your furnishings from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and make your home cooler in the summer!
  • Our materials are the finest available and are especially known for their resistance to chalking and fading. Our awnings will not chip, crack or peel - no need to worry about rotting wood or termites.
  • Our awnings will enhance the beauty of any home, modular home, or commercial site in many decorator designs and colors.
  • Each job is carefully measured and manufactured to make sure you get the right unit the first time.
  • Aluminum is far superior to wood or canvas, as aluminum will not rot, need repainting, stretch or tear.
  • All orders are shipped directly from the factory to you.  All awnings are shipped in heavy duty extra strength cardboard boxing for protection during shipment and are packaged in such a way to prevent damage.

 Questions and Answers


What should I know about buying an awning? When purchasing an awning from anyone, there a few things a person should pay special attention to. By doing so, you can be assured that the product you are purchasing will give you many years of reliable service. We encourage you to view our photo gallery to see what a truly quality awning product looks like.  Please visit our FAQ's page which contains additional information of interest.

Will the Manufacturer be around in 20 years? Be sure that the manufacturer of your awning has been around for a number of years. There are many companies that will turn out a product (some good / some not so good) for a few years and then they will disappear. This is not a problem for you unless you need parts for your awning. ( Common examples where parts could be needed include; trees falling, car bumpers attacking posts, severe wind bursts, etc.)

I don't see the size I need posted on your chart. Do you make other sizes? All Rontimco awnings are made to accomodate your specifications. The sizes posted on our web-site are there to give you an accurate representation of our discount pricing. If you need an awning say.....11'-7" x 23' wide, it's no problem at all.  Please not that some pieces may come with a few inches longer.  This is for your benefit for infield adjustments and to help aid against damage during shipping.

How tall are the posts? Our awnings come with 8' tall, 3" square aluminum posts. 10' and 12' aluminum posts are available for units requiring more height. For units requiring even higher installations, we offer steel posts in 20' and 24' lengths. The steel and aluminum posts are identical in appearance. For any posts over 8' tall, there is a nominal charge. Both the aluminum and steel posts can be cut in the field for an exact fit.

How many posts will I get with my awning? The number of posts in each awning kit is determined by the width, projection, live load, and wind factors of the awning. Typically, the further the projection and the width of the awning determine the number of posts you will receive. We send the appropriate number of posts with your particular unit appropriate for your area based on the engineering.

How far apart are the posts spaced? Average post spacing is 8' to 10' apart.  The post spacing will be indicated on your customized bid.  The posts that are installed on the 2 corner sections of the awning do not have to be located exactly on the corners. These 2 posts may be inset up to 25% of the allowable space between posts.

How are the awnings shipped? Common carriers are used to shipping our awning products. We have negotiated some very good discounts with many nationwide carriers. These discounts are passed directly through to you. We package our units in such a way that virtually eliminates the possibility of dents or other damage.  .    However, if damage still occurs, be sure to record it on the original bill of lading, then give us a call and we will make it right.

How much do the awnings weigh? On an average, our awnings weigh .62 lbs. per square foot. Example: A 12' x 40' awning is 480 square feet.   480 sq. ft. x .62 lbs. per sq. ft. = 297.6 lbs.

How long does it take to get one delivered? Normally a unit ordered on a Monday is completely fabricated in 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the number of orders in process at the factory. Shipping time is determined by carrier and distance. Shipping to Louisiana takes about 5 business days from California. To Michigan the trip is about 8 business days.

How many packages will there be? An average size awning will be shipped in 4 or 5 boxes. Larger units of course will require more packages in order to be  moved by a single individual.

How long are the packages? The longer the awning, the longer the boxes. Exceptionally long pieces may take an extra day or two for fabrication and shipping.

We have pretty good winds in our area. How well do your awnings withstand the wind? All our awnings are engineered to meet up to a 90MPH wind factor.  There are too many places that have higher winds than that.  We encourage you to call your building inspector to find out your local wind load.

We receive quite a bit of snow every year. Should I worry about snow load? This is a very common question. We have available to us all needed engineering reports to properly adjust your awning to meet your local conditions. Sometimes a modification in the thickness of the awning pans is required. Other changes to a basic awning kit could include the implementation of beams, additional posts, or shortening the actual projection of the unit. These changes are normal for locations where snow is a concern. A combination of these items may be used. We will advise you so that you obtain a high quality unit built specifically to your needs. We encourage you to call your building inspector to find out your local snow load requirement so that we can design a kit engineered to accommodate your needs. 

I have seen awnings with clear panels to let light in. Do you offer them? Yes. Only recently have we found skylight quality panels acceptable to our standards. We offer six inch panels to be used in conjunction with our high quality aluminum panels.

Can I mount the posts to my wooden deck? Because there are literally hundreds of ways to build a wood deck, our engineering does not account for this type of fastening. Please give Rontimco a call and we will walk you through the system.

How do I mount the posts to concrete? All of our kits come complete with concrete "anchors". Two 1/4 inch holes are drilled into the concrete (with a masonry bit) for each post. The anchors provided are used to mount the post brackets directly to the concrete slab. The 3" square posts are then slid over the top of the secured post brackets and a 3/8 inch bolt, washer, & nut (provided) is used to attach the post to the bracket.

Do I have to mount the posts on concrete? Concrete is always the material of choice, but post mounting options are as follows: Directly on a concrete slab, to a wooden deck, or into the ground using posts poured into concrete fastenings.

Where do the posts attach to the awning? The posts are attached directly to the gutter. This assembly doubles as a structural beam and a "cleanable" rain gutter. (A downspout and elbow is also included with your awning.) When more strength or an overhang is required, we will recommend one of our optional beams.

I have stucco walls on my home, can they be installed on a stucco (or brick) wall? Yes.  On a stucco or regular siding walls, it is always best to attach your awning to a ledger board that has been lag bolted into the wall studs.  For "masonry" type walls like brick, you can use masonry anchors to attach the ledger board.  The awning is then attached to the ledger board.

I would like to attach my unit to the eave of my house. Can this be done? With very few exceptions, this is easily accomplished. Your awning kit will automatically include the required "flashing" to enable you to provide a water-tight seal at the mounting location. If your mounting situation appears questionable, we can discuss your options.

I need a "free-standing" unit. Do you offer them?Yes, we have a full section on free-standing awnings. There are differences in the 2 different types of awning kits. Free standing units require steel posts into substantial concrete footings. Normally a free-standing unit will cost 50% to 100% more than an attached awning.

I want my awning to create an overhang and inset the posts. Can this be done?Yes. By using one of our optional beam sizes selected specifically to meet your needs.

What quality of awning can I expect at this price? We can assure you that the quality of our product is of the highest caliber. Since our awnings are delivered all over the United States into all types potential wind, rain, & snow conditions, we have taken special care to include the strongest components and designs into our awning kits.  Not only are our awning kits the strongest available, they also are very attractive. In some cases we make many additional sales off of a single awning unit after other people see them installed in their area. Many contractors throughout the country switch to our product lines after they see our products installed in their local areas. Previous to the Internet, many of them had very limited options and were forced to use whatever product a distributor told them was available. A growing number of them now also purchase factory direct from us. 

How difficult are they to put up? These are the same kits that contractors receive.  You may be required to trim some parts to fit your needs.   It helps to be comfortable with tools.  Your average handyman or woman should do just fine.  It is best to have two people to install as the pieces can be very long.  The instructions are available for you to look through even before you decide to make a purchase..  And of course, we are here to help, so give us a call.Another thought for you: Because the products are made of aluminum, the weight of any single awning piece is easily managed. (An entire 12' x 24' kit weighs about 200 lbs. in the .020 gauge.) We also offer a toll free phone number for you to ask any questions you may have before, during or after you install the awning.  Our objective is to make this entire transaction, from the time you first entered our web-site to the time you start enjoying the finished product, an entirely pleasant experience. One last thought on this subject. We mention this because of an email we received regarding our window awnings...  This husband and wife team received their awnings at 4:30 pm one afternoon and had all four awnings installed by 7:00 pm the same day! Many comments of this nature are received regarding our patio cover and carport awnings also. In a nutshell; It seems that a job some (not all) contractors would bill out at 2 or 3 working days is only taking our "do it yourself" customers 1 to 2 afternoons to do. If you are not the do-it yourself type of person, we are happy to work with your contractor.

How do I order my new awning? We encourage you to call us with any questions you might have on your specific project. After many years in the business and a few hundred Internet awning sales this last year, there isn't a lot we haven't run across ! Let us share our product knowledge with you and assemble the proper package for your needs. We are both sure that you will be pleased with the product you choose. Just give us a call at the toll-free number below.