Best Video Streaming Service Online

There are several different services out there that offer video streaming. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Below, we seek to explore each of them to see which one is the best.

Best Video Streaming Services Online

1. YouTube – What’s in a Name?

Well first off, it isn’t named after anything. It began as an online portal for sharing videos via file attachments on Usenet newsgroups but was later purchased by Google. The company then turned this into what is arguably the world’s number one VOD (Video On Demand) service.

That means they host thousands of movies from every genre you can imagine and allow anyone to download them without having to pay for them as other sites do. They also provide users the ability to upload their content and even create mini-movies if they get bored of watching others’ stuff.

And, lastly, YouTube also allows people to record their shows using their webcam and microphone, making for great home movies you can share with your friends.

What’s good about YouTube:

  • Vast selection
  • Free hosting
  • Easy uploading

2. Netflix – “We Don’t Make Movies”

Netflix currently ranks second as our most recommended site. However, they may not be quite as popular as you think. While they host hundreds of movies, only about half of these can be streamed online depending upon whether or not the film has a digital release date available.

Some films simply don’t have any access at all so you must either wait until early next year or check physical rental stores. If you still want to try Netflix, though, you’ll need to sign up for a Netflix account. This will allow you to stream free content and give you the option of adding a monthly subscription so you can watch more than just the freebies, too.

What’s good about Netflix:

  • Free internet connection
  • Easy registration
  • Variety

3. Hulu Plus – “Our Stuff”

Hulu Plus is owned by NBC Universal and Warner Brothers, two of America’s biggest media companies. So being able to access many of their programs whenever you’d like is pretty nice. In addition to a wide variety of TV programs, Hulu offers live sports broadcasts and a lot of great music. Unfortunately, the amount of content is rather limited compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime; however, the quality is high enough that some might consider paying $8 a month just for that alone.

4. Crunchyroll – “Let’s Play Games Together!”

Not only does Crunchyroll offer both movies and anime, but they also host a gaming section for those who enjoy playing games with their friends and family over the web while chatting. All of the games in this section are free and can be played within seconds of signing up.

Not only that, but you can choose the type of game you’d like to play and join games already in progress. You can even play against your friend and challenge him/her to a duel! With so much going on at once, you’re probably wondering how they keep things organized.

Well, they’ve taken care of that by offering players tags so that everyone involved in the same game gets separated clearly. Other than that, everything else seems very user-friendly.

5. GameFly – “Watching Online Anytime!”

Gamefly hosts dozens of movies and TV series through its website, along with a huge library of games. But perhaps the best part is that the entire collection of videos is always streaming, meaning there’s almost no waiting time between viewing a show or movie, which in turn makes it perfect for binge-watchers.

Whether you’re looking for something new or something old, you can find plenty of great options here and, unlike Netflix and Hulu, it doesn’t charge its members a dime. Another benefit is that it allows streaming of nearly any kind of video, not just ones you can download on DVDs.

And if your computer isn’t capable of watching certain shows, well, that’s ok because GameFly has apps designed specifically for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, perfect for when you’re out and about.