The Importance of Multimedia On Social Media

How can video be useful on social media platforms like Instagram? What other ways can multimedia improve social media marketing?

In general, people prefer videos over text whenever possible. The reason is that they are visually appealing, easier to consume, and often contain more information. For example, you can watch a short video showing off a new car or show a customer how to use their phone.

There are lots of reasons why people should consider using video in social media marketing. Here are some of them.

The Importance of Multimedia On Social Media

1. Videos Are Better Than Text

Videos are much better than text for the following reasons:

They’re visual which helps users connect with your brand faster. They also allow customers to see themselves doing things that they would naturally do while interacting with your business.

2. Videos Have Higher Conversions Rates

You may have heard about the importance of adding images to your posts – but it turns out that videos perform even better at generating leads!

According to Marketingland, 52% of US smartphone owners have watched a commercial on YouTube, compared to 12% who visited an eCommerce site.

If you’ve ever purchased something online from Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, or other popular websites, chances are high you were exposed to a video before making a purchase. So the next time you need to get someone interested in your product, make sure you include a great video as a component.

3. Videos Can Be Interactive & Fun

When you post a picture or video on social media, fans will usually comment on it if it’s clever enough. However, when it comes to videos, two additional dimensions make them much more enjoyable: interactivity and humor. People enjoy watching a funny video because it makes them laugh, and the same thing happens with an interactive one.

4. Video Creates High-Quality Links

Adding links on blogs and websites is important to SEO (search engine optimization), but it’s even more important when you’re posting content on social media. This is true since social media is where most consumers spend their time.

If you share a link to a webpage that doesn’t load properly, viewers may click away without reading your message. But if you post a video instead, they’re likely to stay on your page longer and take notice of what else you have to say.

5. Video Allows You To Share More Information

Video allows you to add more information such as images, audio, written blog posts or surveys, etc. Since the videos can be shared anywhere on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, this allows you to reach audiences all over the world.

6. Video Takes Less Time To Produce

Many businesses worry that producing a video won’t take up a lot of their time. But this isn’t always the case—especially if you hire professionals to help create the content for your website or social media pages.

7. Your Brand Will Look Professional

People love looking at other people’s brands… so if you post photos or videos with your logo on them, people will feel inspired to buy products similar to yours.

8. Users Like To Watch

Most of us love to watch good-looking movies like those in theaters. Most people don’t care about listening to music unless they find it entertaining. A quick look at the comments on your videos shows how many times people talk about the quality of the production and the actors’/actresses’ performance.

When you record a video using a smartphone camera, you can see exactly how amateurish your video looks. It’s almost impossible to produce a good video when you’re just trying to capture some pictures.

9. You Get More Views

Although video tends to cost money to produce, the return on investment is huge. Studies show that nearly 80 percent of people will view a web page if there is a video attached to it on YouTube. Even if your videos do not generate sales directly, they still improve conversion rates by providing extra value to visitors to your website. And that means more traffic and leads visit fronlinecasino.