How to Add Videos to WordPress Sites

Do you want to add a video to your WordPress sites without using plugins or coding skills? If yes, then you are in luck because today we are going to show you the easiest way to add videos to WordPress sites.

Adding videos directly to WordPress websites is a great idea because you don’t have to worry about installing a third-party plugin and managing them. Plus, video files are much smaller than images and they load faster too. Below is how you can add videos to your WordPress site.

How to Add Videos to WordPress Sites

1. Install Video Plugin

The first thing that we need to do is install the WordPress video plugin. This will allow us to play videos on our website as well as embed YouTube videos into our posts.

There are many videos and music players available for WordPress. You can use any of these depending on what fits best with the theme of your website. The following list will help you decide which one to choose:

  • Vimeo – A popular alternative to Youtube. Use this if you want a simple, clean, and fast-loading player.
  • Slacker Radio – It has a variety of free music streams and live radio stations.
  • Video Player Pro – Another powerful yet easy-to-use player.
  • Spotify – Very expensive but it allows users to listen to online songs offline when they are away from WiFi.

2. Register an Account at Vimeo

After registering for an account at Vimeo, sign up for free by clicking here. To begin making your accounts click the Sign Up now button. Once registered, log in through your account dashboard.

3. Choose Your Theme

The next step to getting started is choosing the right theme for your website. There are lots of themes available on the WPOX theme search engine. You can also check out our recommendations page to find relevant suggestions. From there, select the theme that looks good.

4. Upload Video Files

After selecting the appropriate theme, upload all required video files. You can either drag and drop the file into the box (if you already have downloaded it) or upload it by hitting ‘Add Media‘ and uploading your files.

5. Select the Right File Format

Now that your videos are uploaded, we need to make sure that they are accessible so that they will be shown properly on our WordPress site. We must make sure that the file type is correct for our theme.

For example, WordPress does not accept MP4 format. Therefore, you must convert the mp4 video before uploading it to your blog. Luckily, there is an option where you can change the default file format to WMV or MPEG and after saving it, you can download it later.

6. Test the Video

Before playing the video, make sure that you test it to see whether it plays properly. Click on the “Watch Now” button on top of the video. If everything works fine, hit “Play”. Otherwise, try fixing potential issues via the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

  • Try changing display settings.
  • Check if the image description has been saved correctly.
  • Search for spelling mistakes.

7. Embed YouTube Videos

If you wish to include a YouTube video in your post, simply paste your link inside the box provided. 8. Continue Posting

Once done, you can continue posting like normal. Remember, once you publish your post, it takes several hours to show up on the web visit

Benefits of Videos on Websites

Apart from adding more value to your content, videos have some other benefits too. Read them carefully so that you know better about why people should add videos on their sites:

1. People Love to Watch Videos Online

This may sound obvious but you would agree that most people prefer watching online videos to reading static text. Because they can watch videos anytime, anywhere and from any device, they love using them. Also, videos are usually much more entertaining than reading texts.

2. They Increase Page Views

With over 2 billion views per day, YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing websites on the Internet. So, whenever someone comes across your website, he/she will be interested to watch your video. That means, that even if they don’t visit your website, they will still view your video because of its popularity. In addition, as compared to just having a picture, adding a video to your website increases your chances to earn additional views and income.

3. They Help Attract New Visitors

When visitors come to your website, apart from looking at the articles, images, and other stuff posted, they mostly look for interesting and informative things. When your site doesn’t have anything useful, no one will feel attracted to it. However, when you have added a video, it will grab their attention. As soon as they realize that this article contains something worth seeing, they will instantly stop and click on the link. This way, they will also get a chance to learn about what you write.

4. They Engage Readers

When users read text-only posts, they tend to skim through and skip parts that are unnecessary or boring. On the contrary, if you place a video with the same content, readers will always be entertained and engaged and thus will stay longer and spend more time viewing and clicking on links. A good user experience leads to higher conversion rates, therefore, increasing your chances of earning revenue.

5. They Improve SEO

Most search engines nowadays prioritize social media sites and videos above others. Thus, by including a video, you are telling Google that your page has valuable information and it should rank you accordingly.